What Is It?

So I’ve started a new thing.  It’s not a blog.  It’s not a sales pitch.  It’s just an irreverent, opinionated, and (occasionally) useful email about travel to sandy places that I send out to my readers.  You won’t get it all that often – unlike a magazine or something, the content will drive the schedule, not the other way around. But I hope it will make your next trip or move abroad a little better.

What In It?

It will vary but among the short items you'll receive...

  • Island To Consider Visiting
  • Cool New Spot
  • New Travel Gadget
  • While Abroad Tip
  • New Travel Resource
  • Why We Travel - In One Sentence

What's Not In It?

  • Ads

Why Not Just Post It Online?

Because the content is perishable- in other words, it changes and goes out of date.

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