You made it! You're up to date on Facebook.  You've checked your email.  You've cleaned your dishes or at least started some of them. In fact, you're so in control of your life that you now checking out the "Submit a Caption" page on some dude's web site about his book.  As far as I'm concerned, you're a hero just for even being here.

Now to the caption part.  My editor had me write captions for about 20 photographs in the book, but the last one, below, stumped me.  It's of Sarah (above) and our pet baby monkey, Gomez (below).  Have any great ideas for a caption?  Or at least good ideas?  Please submit your suggestions below.  

The best one - as determined later by voters and probably my editor - will be featured in the paperback version of the book when it comes out next summer. 


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