And here are some nice things people are saying   about it...

And here are some nice things people are saying about it...

"Hilarious and Brilliantly Written"

AJ Jacobs, NY Times Best-Selling Author and Editor at Large of Esquire


"Sincerely Funny"

Kirkus Reviews


"Extraordinarily Entertaining"


And here's a little more about the story...

And here's a little more about the story...

Burnt out and facing a quarter-life crisis, Alex Sheshunoff quit his Internet job in New York and bought a one-way ticket to the South Pacific island of Yap, bringing with him only a few t-shirts and the hundred books he was most embarrassed not to have read.  

While out there, he'd write his own book and answer some important questions:

1. How much, per pound, should you expect to pay a priest to fly you to the island of Pig?

2. If you could have just one movie on a remote Pacific island, what would it definitely not be?

3. How do respectfully, yet effectively, woo a woman with Pringles?

4. Is a free, one-hour class from Home Depot on “Flowerbox Construction” sufficient training to build a house?

5. How do you diaper a baby monkey?

This new, award-winning memoir from Penguin Random House will will surprise you, make you laugh out loud, take you to the unforgettable islands of Yap and Pig, and either inspire you to move to your own island - perhaps one with only two letters in its name - or convince you that staying home was the best choice all along.  Either way, you'll find out what happens when you simply give it all up and buy a one-way ticket to the South Pacific.

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By Alex Sheshunoff

And here's a short but hopefully funny little book trailer/preview:

And here's what readers are saying on Amazon... 

"My wife keeps asking me 'what's so funny' every time I snort while reading it. It's hilarious."

- Joel


"Laugh out loud funny"

- Homesteader


"Reminded me of Bryson, 'A Walk in the Woods' - which I loved." 

- SeriousReader


"I have told his part of the story countless times and it still gets me laughing even now."

- Live Outside


"A warmly written love story as well. I enthusiastically recommend it." 

- Julian


"'LOL' is so cliche, but for this book, it was absolutely true. I laughed out loud, I chuckled, I guffawed."

- C. Ferguson


"Profoundly funny and unendingly interesting." 

- Kate S.


"I appreciated how he made himself vulnerable. The book was funny, thoughtful, warm. Mostly I laughed a lot and enjoyed myself. Highly recommend."

- Lisa

And here's a great place to, well, buy it!

Still not sure?  I'm out of good reasons to buy it but here's a link to a funny web site by a German artist who collects newspaper photographs of people pointing behind him - as in, this is where it happened. Consider it a kind of reward for making it this far down the page!